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Feeling good in your body, following your inspiration and integrity, trusting your inner wisdom that tells you what is right for you to choose, eat, do and say 'No' to...


This is the ‘success’ that I want to help you cultivate.


Through my online community, I seek to offer a helping hand through some of the everyday decisions and personal challenges each of us will have to face on our path towards creating the life that we desire.

What's included:

Monthly live calls


Every month, you’ll be invited to join me and fellow members for a community video call. These are live, open sessions where you can 'pick my brain' and get support on all things holistic health, work-life balance, intuition and finding fulfilment in your life and career.

  • Real time 'in person' guidance from me to help you through the questions or choices you're currently struggling with. 

  • Community support from a ground of like-minded women holding similar life goals and challenges.

Wellbeing emails


Twice a month, I'll share key reflections and resources that will support you to discover and move towards what you most want for yourself, life, work and relationships. You'll also be the first to get invited to my seasonal coaching and wellbeing offerings.

  • Inspiration and motivation to explore and stay committed to your path towards personal fulfillment.

  • Links and resources to podcast episodes, articles, interviews or special events on topics such as health, leadership, career, mindfulness and love – everything related to holistic wellbeing!

All of my freebies!


Once you sign up, you'll get instant access to my current coaching freebies that help you to uncover what choices you can make to  experience more peace, joy and authenticity in your day-to-day life. 

  • Stress management guidebooks that help you to navigate and alleviate stress today, this month and into your future.

  • The Queendom Workbook that helps you discover what you want and confidently go for it with or without a romantic partner.

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